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10 Musical Reminders that Ennio Morricone is a Legend


You don’t need to be told that Ennio Morricone is a living legend. His work from the 1960s all the way up to present day stands alone in the world of film score composition. You don’t need to be told all of this because it’s impossible to watch any number of beloved movies made in that timeframe without encountering his distinct style, which elevated each one of those films to new heights. Even in the last few decades, his brilliant scores are being repurposed to enhance a whole new generation of filmmaker’s scores. Here are ten songs to remind you of Morricone’s wizardry. Continue reading


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Water, Water, Everywhere: The 9 Best Uses of Water Supplies in Movies

Water is life. That sounds like a really obnoxious corporate slogan but it’s the truth. If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll die. Water is essential for good health. It makes perfect sense, then, that something so simple and fundamental to life would show up in so many movies, often integral to life or death. Here are my nine favorite uses of water supplies in film. Continue reading


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Forgive Me, Spirit of the West, for I Have Sinned

One of my favorite recent movies is Rango, a kids movie in which a lizard finds himself through a fevered Spaghetti Western dream. The key moment in the spiritual journey occurs when he treks across the highway to meet The Spirit of the West, who looks a lot like some guy with no name. The Spirit of the West cut an imposing and testosterone-fueled vision. In fact, I’m so in awe of the character that I have a confession to make. Forgive me, Spirit of the West. For I have sinned. Continue reading


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