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12 Notable Actors Who You Probably Don’t Remember from Seinfeld

Most TV viewers know that before Larry David created his comic hit Curb Your Enthusiasm, he co-created Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld. The show had an impressive run. It dominated comedy in the 1990’s and has a special place in TV history. A great deal of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer’s highjinx will live on forever. Part of what I find so amazing about it as I watch it in syndication is the supporting cast. There are a surprising number of notable actors who pop up as extras on the show, most before anyone knew who they were. Here are twelve. Continue reading


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An Ode to Peter Stormare

I have decided to honor Peter Stormare with crappy poetry. Continue reading


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What if the Criterion Collection released The Big Lebowski?

Over at the Website Formerly Known as The Auteurs, they had/still have a fake Criterion covers thread. What would it look like if the Criterion Collection released The Big Lebowski? I like to think it’d look something like these.

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Great Moments in Movie History: Fargo

Stormare’s dialogue is in reference to the VW ads he did a few years ago.

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