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12 Images of the Coen Brothers On Set


Joel and Ethan Coen are an undeniable filmmaking force, a pair of brothers who have asserted themselves by making some of the best films of the last 30 years. From Blood Simple (1984) to Fargo (1996) to A Serious Man (2009), they’ve established a very distinct style that has wowed critics and audiences alike. Seeing the recently released footage of their upcoming movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, has left me feeling nostalgic about their past work. Relive their masterful career with these behind-the-scenes photos of the Coens on set. Continue reading


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Fake Criterion Covers of Coen Brother Films

Gentle readers, today marks the end of an era. A year and a half ago, I discovered that people everywhere were creating fake Criterion covers for various non-Criterion films. There was some amazing artwork out there (along with some really crappy stuff), and I wanted to hop in the game. Since then, I’ve created several of my own. However, after a year and a half, lots of people are doing it now. It feels like it’s become played out, or jumped the proverbial shark. And many people are doing it quite a bit better than yours truly. So short of a very specific reason to jump back in, I’m hanging up the fake Criterion covers after this entry. That said, I have one more article in me–today’s article, featuring fake Criterion covers of Coen brother films. Without further ado… Continue reading


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The Ten Coolest Movie Tattoos

I have to admit- I admire great ink. There’s something to be said for the artistry that goes into a tattoo. That goes double for movie characters. To even notice them at all, they must be important or say something about the characters. Here are the ten coolest movie tattoos:

Mr. Horsepower, Raising Arizona (1987)

H.I. McDunnough and Leonard Smalls both have this bird tattoo, which often gets confused with Woody Woodpecker. It’s actually “Mr. Horsepower”, the logo for Clay Smith Cams. Continue reading


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