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When is it Acceptable for a Film to Make You Feel Uncomfortable?


Craig Zobel’s brilliant film, Compliance, became available on DVD this week. The film earned a harsh reaction from portions of the audience during its theater run. Occasional viewers were unable to suspend their disbelief over a story that is, in fact, true. Many audience members were so repulsed that they actually walked out. It’s clear to see that this film makes viewers feel uncomfortable, like thousands of films before it. There’s obviously a line that filmmakers toe when they attempt to elicit this response amongst audiences. Where is that line? Continue reading


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The 10 Most Memorable Movie Refrigerators

A dear friend of mine passed away the other day. This friend was there for me every step of the way. In my toughest times, my friend was always right there with a cold beer. When I wanted to grab a bite to eat, my friend knew just the right meal. And no matter how hot-tempered I was, my friend always stayed cool. That’s because my friend was a refrigerator, and it finally crapped out on me the other day. In honor of my once trusty, but now dead, fridge, I created this list of the 10 most memorable movie refrigerators. Continue reading


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If Cereal Mascots Were Movie Stars

It’s Friday and it’s the end of several long weeks in a row. My brain is fried. Rather than monkeying around with a deeper article, I reached into my idea bag and grabbed the easiest thing I could find. I took an hour and paired up some cereal mascots with the movies for which they’re best suited. Just add milk and enjoy! Continue reading


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Depressing Movies Made Festive with Santa Hats

I’m just about to shut everything down until Christmas, and maybe a day or two afterwards. My next entry will likely be no earlier than Monday, and maybe as late as Wednesday of next week. This is my last chance to wish everyone happy holidays. What better way to do it than by twisting depressing movies and movie scenes into something more festive? What’s more festive than a Santa hat? Happy holidays, everyone. Continue reading


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100 More Things I Love About the Movies

When I passed the 100,000 hit marker in November, I honored the event with what became one of my most popular entries- 100 Things I Love About the Movies. As it turns out, my odometer recently rolled over another milestone- the 200,000 hit marker. As logic follows, I’m due for another stroll down 100 Things Avenue. So without further ado, here are 100 More Things I Love About the Movies: Continue reading


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