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Poster Art: If Goodfellas was a Romantic Comedy


If there are two things I love, it’s Goodfellas (1990) and making fun of shitty romantic comedy clichés. Chief among the rom-com clichés is the poster art, which has five or six different templates to choose from. Just add two actors who have given up on awards and you’ve got yourself a rom-com poster. Here’s one version of how a Goodfellas poster could play out if it were a rom-com. Continue reading


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Infographics: Inebriation and Likelihood of Film Genre Selection

There are three lessons to be learned here:

1. If I’m drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants, I’ll watch almost anything.

2. I have to be drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants to watch a musical or a romantic comedy.

3. Nunsploitation and comedy films are almost always good.

Let’s roll that fabulous bean footage. As always, there are higher-res versions available if you click on the various images.

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