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Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews: Volume Six

It’s time yet again for the article that’s easy for me and fun for you- Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews! Here’s volume six of people writing really bad, or funny, Netflix viewer reviews. These are presented completely unedited. Even when you think I might have edited something in or out of the copy, I assure you that I have not.As always, understand that I don’t always disagree with the negativity surrounding some of these movies, but there’s always at least one thing in these reviews that I find amusing. Continue reading


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Depressing Movies Made Festive with Santa Hats

I’m just about to shut everything down until Christmas, and maybe a day or two afterwards. My next entry will likely be no earlier than Monday, and maybe as late as Wednesday of next week. This is my last chance to wish everyone happy holidays. What better way to do it than by twisting depressing movies and movie scenes into something more festive? What’s more festive than a Santa hat? Happy holidays, everyone. Continue reading


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The Second Annual TDYLFie Awards

It's a major award!

The end of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s time for a bunch of lazy journalists to do their year-end best and worst lists of 2011. But why should they have all the fun? I’m lazy too. And I already established an award for this last year–the TDYLFie. I’m going to capitalize on that laziness for an easy article. But first, let’s establish some scope. I don’t see nearly enough new releases to make any sort of reasonable “Best/Worst of 2011” list. Thus, this list will be comprised of movies that I’ve seen in 2011, which will run the gamut from era to era, genre to genre, and on and on. In reality, this is more of a list about my own experience watching movies in 2011 than it is about anything that was released in 2011. Moreover–and this is a serious problem that I plan on rectifying in 2012–I don’t have a thorough means of keeping track of what I’ve seen. I can see what I’ve received and rated from Netflix and Facets in 2011, and the rest of this is based on memory of what I’ve actually seen. There’s a very real chance that I’ll miss something. Whadayagonnado? Without further delay, here is the awards program for the 2nd Annual TDYLFies. Continue reading


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Horrible Movies and TV Shows I’d Be Willing to Watch In Exchange for World Series Tickets

It was like coming this close to your dreams… and then watching them brush past you, like a stranger in a crowd.
Archibald “Moonlight” Graham, Field of Dreams

This week, I came extraordinarily close to purchasing tickets to the World Series in the event that my hometown St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Milwaukee Brewers in their best of seven series. But I just missed out. Had I tried fifteen minutes sooner, I would’ve had them. They were completely sold out by the time I had my chance. At this point, I think it’s important to stress just how much I’d like to go to a World Series game featuring the St. Louis Cardinals.

There is almost nothing that I would like more than to go to a World Series game featuring my Cardinals. I was willing to pay $200-$250 per ticket just for the right, and not even for good seats. You see, these opportunities don’t come along very often. This would be the third time that the Cardinals have made the World Series in the 10 years that I’ve lived in St. Louis (again, predicated on them beating Milwaukee, who is favored in the series), and three times is very lucky. Fans of other teams go entire decades without the chance. It’s a huge deal to get a chance to see your favorite team playing in a World Series. As such, I’d be willing to do almost anything for tickets. Which horrible movie and TV scenarios would I be willing to watch if someone gave me World Series tickets? Continue reading


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Don’t Watch It, John! Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

The idea behind the “Don’t Watch It, John!” series is to find cinema that’s so rotten, so foul, so incredibly fetid that no other human being would dare recommend it to another human being. For this entry in the series, I’ll be discussing Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975). It’s a bit of a departure- usually, this series has involved very obviously bad films that populate the IMDb Bottom 100. Salò, believe it or not, is a Criterion Collection film. But as you will read moving forward, there were plenty of reasons for its inclusion as a “Don’t Watch It” film. May God have mercy on my soul. Continue reading


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Vis-à-Visceral: The Most Uncomfortable Acts to Witness in Film

Odds are pretty good that it’s happened to all of us. You’re watching a film, you might have even heard that there’s something “trying” in it, or “challenging”, or whatever other ominous adjective someone used to describe what you’re going to watch. And then it happens- the “it”, the scene that makes you cover your eyes. It’s the scene that makes your stomach turn. And what is “it”? Probably one of these horribly uncomfortable acts:

“It”- incest- has been happening in pop culture ever since Oedipus did the worm with his mom in the 5th century B.C. I guess you could say it’s nothing new. It still pops up in films from time to time. Sometimes, but not always, you can see guideposts all the way and you spend the entire film hoping beyond hope that the filmmaker won’t actually follow through with it. Other times, it’s a horrible twist that you didn’t see coming.
Examples: Oldboy (2003); Chinatown (1974); Murmur of the Heart (1971); The Godfather: Part III (1990) Continue reading


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Movies Made Better by Adding Pizza

Sure, you might think that some movies couldn’t possibly be any better. But you obviously don’t understand one simple rule- adding pizza to anything makes that thing better. Allow me to demonstrate:

Independence Day

Continue reading


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