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I Have a Crack Addiction

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That headline is completely accurate. I have a crack addiction. No, I’m not referring to crack cocaine. I like food, money, and dignity too much for that. I’m referring to the various cracks in my movie-watching experience. There are a lot, and I’m addicted to spackling them in. Continue reading


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Achilles’ Heels: The Genres and Storylines I Can’t Resist

As you grow out of childhood and are exposed to more and more movies, you start to learn your likes and dislikes. Obviously, tastes change- part of the beauty of being human is that we grow emotionally and intellectually- and things we may not have liked at younger ages become the kinds of movies that we enjoy later. But there are always certain staples in movie tastes. These are the genres and storylines that make up the foundation of your movie tastes. There are some genres and storylines that I just can not resist. Even when they’re bad- even when I KNOW they’re going to be bad- I watch anyway. Here are my achilles’ heels: Continue reading


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