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What Disney Princesses Would Look Like if People Would Stop Reimagining Them as Other Crap


We’ve seen Disney princesses reimagined in a lot of wacky ways in the last few years. Amongst a thousand other things, we’ve seen them twisted, as Star Wars characters, with beards, with Instagram accounts, and as Batman characters. Truly, the world of reimagined Disney princesses is a rich tapestry. But there’s one piece missing. What would Disney princesses look like if people would stop reimagining them as other stuff? Continue reading


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Quiz: Which Gravity Character Are You?

Facebook has infected the universe with quizzes. Which Geico caveman are you? Which 50s sitcom are you? Which character in Jabba’s palace are you? These are all a waste of time, because I’ve created the perfect quiz. It’s so much more meaningful than the others. Which character from the Oscar-nominated film Gravity are you? Now we’re getting somewhere. Find out after the jump. Continue reading


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The Five Stages of Coping With a Negative Dark Knight Rises Review

With opening night for The Dark Knight Rises just days away, reviews have started appearing. They’ve been overwhelmingly positive. However, a few reviews have dared to suggest that it’s average or even bad. Can you imagine the gall of these critics to do what they’re paid to do- give an opinion about a movie? How dare they, and such. And judging from some of the comment sections of these reviews, there are clearly some people who don’t understand how to cope with a negative review. Death threats to the critic are not the best coping method. No, seriously- click on that link. People actually threatened death because of a negative review of a movie about a guy dressed up as a giant bat. Fortunately, I’ve come up with this handy chart to help you should you encounter one of these nefarious critics who dare to say a movie is bad. Continue reading


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