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Breaking Bad Character Baseball Jerseys


As almost all of you are probably aware, Breaking Bad is about to wrap up the entire series this weekend. It’s been one hell of a ride for my favorite (and for my money, the best) TV show. Since the next few days represent my last chance to write about it or honor it in any way, I’ve decided to blow it out with one more big visual Breaking Bad-themed article. I’ve cooked up baseball jerseys for many of the key characters. Some have Major League jersey equivalents, although you certainly don’t need to be familiar with those as any sort of precursor. Here are baseball jerseys for various key Breaking Bad characters. Enjoy! Continue reading


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Odds on Potential Events in Breaking Bad’s Final Season

There are a hundreds of reasons to love AMC’s Breaking Bad. The biggest reason I love the show is the writing. It’s efficient and thorough, never wasting a set-up from prior episodes or seasons. The sheer unpredictability of it all leaves viewers at the edge of their seats each week, trying to decipher how Walt and Jesse will work their way out of their latest jam. But now there’s only one season left, truncated and divided into two 8-episode mini-seasons. The next 16 episodes will bring us closure, beginning this Sunday. I’ve put together some Vegas-style odds for possible outcomes in the final season. Continue reading


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Breaking Bad Spinoffs I’d Like to See

One of the secrets to creating a good TV show- among many secrets- is to create a deep cast of interesting characters, all with unique personalities and motivations. This is especially true after the protagonists have been established. Breaking Bad is a show that excels in this arena. Almost immediately after Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were in place, we started to meet the galaxy of characters that would generate the tension that makes the show work so well. On the brink of season four (starting July 17th), I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about these characters and how they might work if they had their own shows. Here are some spinoffs I’d like to see:

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