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The Soundtrack Series: The Coen Brothers


I have a confession to make. Last week, when I started The Soundtrack Series, I kicked things off with Stanley Kubrick. The truth is that the Coens were actually the inspiration for the series. They would’ve been the first in the series but I’m smart enough to realize that TDYLF is often oversaturated with the Coens. But I’ve waited a whole week now, and even without the Coenification of this site, they’d be a worthy choice. Without further ado, here’s entry number two in the Soundtrack Series- the Coen brothers. Continue reading


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The 8 Worst Songs in the Ghostbusters Movies

As you probably recall, I saw Ghostbusters on the big screen a few weeks ago. It whetted my appetite to re-watch the much-maligned sequel. The original is a blast in every way. The sequel was… not good, but I enjoyed it, just like I have all the other times I’ve seen it. However, there’s one prevailing theme throughout both films. Specifically, other than Ray Parker, Jr.’s titular theme song and “Higher and Higher”, both films are crawling with horrible, horrible songs. For instance… Continue reading


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My Life in Original Motion Picture Soundtracks, Part I

The 80’s and 90’s saw the explosion of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Previously, soundtracks usually consisted of the film score (yawn), or a few songs by one artist (See:  Simon and Garfunkel’s The Graduate, or the Bee Gees’ Saturday Night Fever).  But by the 80’s, movie studios and record labels were often owned by the same media conglomerate, which quickly realized that a soundtrack featuring a smattering of singles from their artists could be inserted in their films and soundtracks for double the exposure. That’s the kind of corporate synergy that brought us the ingenious food holocaust that is the KFCTacoBellPizzaHut combo restaurants.

Conveniently, I went from kid to teenager to young adult right as the soundtrack phenomenon was taking off before file sharing came along and set fire to the music industry, then urinated on its smoldering ashes.  Do they even bother to release a soundtrack to whatever crappy movies come out now, like Eight Fast Eight Furious and Transformers Fourteen?  But back in the glory days, sometimes a huge movie was made even hugelier by an awesome soundtrack that absolutely everyone buys.  Like Cocktail or The Bodyguard.  Sometimes, however, you are left wondering, years later, why you own the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack.

I believe I can trace the rise and fall of this once-great marketing tie-in, as well as the musical autobiography of my young life, by going back through the soundtracks I have owned and examining what worked and what went the way of Corey Haim.  Or Feldman.  Whichever is the dead one.  And thus I give you, my life in original motion picture soundtracks in two parts. Come back tomorrow for part 2: Continue reading


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