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I Have a Crack Addiction

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That headline is completely accurate. I have a crack addiction. No, I’m not referring to crack cocaine. I like food, money, and dignity too much for that. I’m referring to the various cracks in my movie-watching experience. There are a lot, and I’m addicted to spackling them in. Continue reading


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Forgive Me, Spirit of the West, for I Have Sinned

One of my favorite recent movies is Rango, a kids movie in which a lizard finds himself through a fevered Spaghetti Western dream. The key moment in the spiritual journey occurs when he treks across the highway to meet The Spirit of the West, who looks a lot like some guy with no name. The Spirit of the West cut an imposing and testosterone-fueled vision. In fact, I’m so in awe of the character that I have a confession to make. Forgive me, Spirit of the West. For I have sinned. Continue reading


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