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Remembering Erland Josephson: A Career in Screen Stills

For years, Woody Allen has used “surrogates”. They’re characters who are the on-screen representation of Woody Allen. Many directors do the same thing. For instance, Ingmar Bergman did it often, and he almost always used a member of his troupe of actors. Over the weekend, one of Bergman’s surrogates, Erland Josephson, passed away. He was 89 years old. He and Bergman collaborated on more than 40 films and plays. As a fan of Bergman, I am a fan of Josephson by proxy. To honor his career, here are a series of screen caps of Josephson in Bergman films. Continue reading


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Swedish Cinema and… Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is observed today. It’s a federal holiday. Like many Americans, it keeps me out of work. It’s not very often that my blog overlaps with something outside of the realm of movies and TV. Occasionally- very rarely- I get an excuse to branch out a little bit as long as I promise not to stray too far. And today, on the King holiday, I have an excuse.

A few years ago when I had first been introduced to foreign films, I stumbled upon a movie called I Am Curious–Yellow. The film is many, many things- part art film, part pure sexual charge, part sociology of 60′s youth revolution, and part sociology of Swedish class systems in the mid-20th century (as I mentioned the other day, when I placed this film in my Criterion Collection Top Ten). Right there in the middle of it is an interview with none other than Martin Luther King about non-violence. Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip of the (very brief) interview that he did for the film. But I can find a transcript of the film. In keeping with the spirit of my blog, but also in the interest of honoring the man, here’s the dialogue from the screenplay. It’s not much, but it’s something: Continue reading

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2010: The First Annual TDYLFies

A quartet of what would've been 2008 TDYLFie Award Nominees

I can’t recall every single movie I’ve seen this year. I do know, however, that probably 75% of the movies I’ve seen have been via Netflix. And having no record of the other 25% (which Netflix used to have with the use of a chronological ratings history slider, but I don’t want to get back into the whole Netflix thing again), I’m forced to make my year-end awards selections strictly from the rentals I’ve gotten through Netflix. Using only the list of things I’ve seen via Netflix in 2010, let’s hand out some film awards, which I’m calling TDYLFies (phonetically: ta-dill-fees). Why call ’em that? Why not?  Continue reading


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