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Turn Back the Clock Night: The First TDYLF Article, Four Years Later

Baseball teams love to have ‘Turn Back the Clock Night.’ It’s a promotion where teams wear uniforms from the past, usually in the interest of invoking nostalgia. It’s fun, and often hideous thanks to polyester, outdated logos, and v-neck jerseys. That brings me to today’s article. As of today, I’ve been writing about movies and TV for exactly four years. That’s a really obnoxious, self-aggrandizing way of saying that it’s TDYLF’s 4th anniversary, birthday, or whatever you want to call it. For sheer entertainment value and to “turn back the clock” (so to speak), I thought it’d be fun to run the first thing I ever wrote, way back on March 18, 2010. Continue reading


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The State of the Union


Today may bring the strangest article in the history of TDYLF. For three years, the site has pumped out one article or another about movies and (occasionally) TV 4.617 times a week. Ish. Today, I’m going to go a little meta (if that word is even still a thing, and if it’s not then substitute “self-referential”). Today I’d like to discuss the current state of things and the future of the site. Continue reading


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500K! A Milestone and a Thank You

When I first started TDYLF in March of 2010, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had hoped to create a holding cell for all of the synaptic goo that springs forth from my skull. That’s really all I had hoped to have, and so I started out with a ridiculously long URL–thedroidyourelookingfor.wordpress.com–and a clunky masthead, which laid atop a clunky design. It’s now almost two years later. The URL has changed (tdylf.com), the masthead has changed, the fonts have changed, and the background has gotten a recent renovation. Even the content has evolved through the 22 months. And now, I’ve reached a milestone that I never would’ve thought possible. Continue reading


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