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The Nine Best Sitcom Couches

The sitcom has evolved a great deal through the years, ever since Jackie Gleason used space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife on The Honeymooners (credit: another sitcom, which first pointed out the metaphor, Futurama). Characters have changed, humor has changed, animation has been added, family dynamics are a bit different, settings are different, jobs are different… And yet, one thing has remained the same. They’ve all needed somewhere to sit. Couches are an aaaaaawesome place to sit. Here are the nine sitcoms with the best couches in TV history. Continue reading


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17 TV Characters Who Probably Have Venereal Diseases

We’ve all seen these characters- the clichéd character whose monstrous sexual desires can’t be quenched. But where are the consequences? Let’s face reality. Many of our favorite TV characters probably had sexually transmitted diseases. Here are seventeen TV characters who most likely have felt the burn and/or had to use a very special shampoo:

1. Larry Dalliapoulos, Three’s Company
He was the scourge of the Regal Beagle. And his clearly defined womanizing role was key to the show’s plot. How many times did he rope Jack into the highjinx, only  to have Jack find himself in the odd position of denying his heterosexuality to Mr. and Mrs. Roper, or Mr. Furley? Continue reading


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