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The 9 Best Giant Evil Underground Movie Worms


Today’s list comes right from the underground- way underground, where eyeless creatures populate the sub-landscape. And if movies are to be believed, sometimes these eyeless creatures are gigantic and wreak havoc on anyone and everything they can find. You can’t wiggle away from this list. It’s the nine best giant evil underground movie worms. Continue reading


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2010: The First Annual TDYLFies

A quartet of what would've been 2008 TDYLFie Award Nominees

I can’t recall every single movie I’ve seen this year. I do know, however, that probably 75% of the movies I’ve seen have been via Netflix. And having no record of the other 25% (which Netflix used to have with the use of a chronological ratings history slider, but I don’t want to get back into the whole Netflix thing again), I’m forced to make my year-end awards selections strictly from the rentals I’ve gotten through Netflix. Using only the list of things I’ve seen via Netflix in 2010, let’s hand out some film awards, which I’m calling TDYLFies (phonetically: ta-dill-fees). Why call ’em that? Why not?  Continue reading


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