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Reynolds Rap: Visiting the Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum

I just returned from a five day vacation in Jupiter, Florida. I went there to watch spring training St. Louis Cardinals baseball, enjoy some great seafood, and get an early jump on a nice ocean breeze with 70 degree temps. However, even on vacation, I found some movie-related fun. Located there in Jupiter is the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum. I must confess, the inner movie snob in me was hoping for something of a train wreck. I was hoping to see some of the corniest, cheesiest, goofiest, mustache-infused 70’s shenanigans you could possibly find. After all, that’s a lot of what Burt Reynolds is known for- being a mustachioed good old boy who sold movie tickets but rarely made anything that was critically acclaimed (Deliverance notwithstanding). What I found was something else entirely. Continue reading


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