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The 9 Coolest Examples of Movie Characters Losing Their Mind


Movies provide an escape. They’re a safe way to experience dangerous things that we could never find in our everyday lives. Or at least, we would never experience them in our lives the same way they’re experienced on screen. And that brings us to today’s article. Nobody really wants to go insane. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t give us a rush on screen when it’s not real. Here are the nine coolest examples of movie characters losing their mind. Continue reading


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You’d Better Czech New Wave Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I recently tackled yet another film from the Czechoslovak New Wave- a movement I’ve mentioned a few times but never fully detailed beyond a flippant, meant-for-humor pie chart. I’ve called it the “Czech New Wave” but apparently it’s “Czechoslovak” because there are both Czech and Slovak films in the movement. So what is the Czechoslovak New Wave? Here’s how Andrew James Horton at GreenCine describes it: Continue reading


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