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Infographic: The Body Count in The Godfather: Part III

After seeing The Godfather on the big screen a few weeks ago, I was motivated enough to create an infographic illustrating all of the deaths in the film. Then, still excited about my big screen experience, I performed the same task for The Godfather: Part II. That left only The Godfather: Part III, the Teddy Kennedy of the trilogy to GF 1 and 2’s John and Bobby, to receive the infographic treatment. The task is now complete, and the infographic for the third film follows after the jump. Obviously, there are a ton of spoilers. Continue reading


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The 12 Best Times People Yelled “NOOOOOOOO!” in a Movie

I wish life was like the movies. Whenever things go bad, you could reach as deep as you can and bellow out a deafening “NOOOOOOOOOO!” to let everyone know that you disapprove of something. Because that’s exactly what happens in movies when something bad happens. Here are 12 great examples. Continue reading


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