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Infographic: What are Thanksgiving Movies About?

There aren’t many movies that are specifically about Thanksgiving, or even take place over Thanksgiving weekend. However, there are just enough that some patterns start to emerge. What themes can you expect when watching one of the few Thanksgiving movies ever made? Let this infographic inform you: Continue reading


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The Women of the Criterion Collection: A (Fake) Calender

The other day, I found myself wishing that movies turned people on the way they turn me on, metaphorically speaking. This led to some pondering about what exactly does turn movie geeks on? How about seedy calendars?!?! And with that, I present to you my proposal to the Criterion Collection- a calendar featuring the sexiest ladies that the Criterion Collection has to offer. And yes, Deneuve is the August pic. Because my birthday is in August. Happy birthday to me!

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Waddling Through Thanksgiving Films

The third coolest thing you've ever done with your hand.

Thanksgiving is a bit of an odd holiday. There are a billion movies suited for Halloween. There’s a Christmas movie for every age and generation, dating all the way back to the silent era. Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are perfect for an orgy of American war movies. I could be wrong but I think the zombie genre was invented entirely because of Easter. Yeesh, even Valentine’s Day has a ton of incarnations of “Love is Nice” or whatever. But Thanksgiving has nothing. People don’t buy gifts like they do for Christmas; it doesn’t have a religious affiliation with rabbits and chocolate eggs like Easter; it doesn’t invoke patriotism like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day; and no matter how good your mom’s green bean casserole or candied yams are, they can’t trump getting laid on Valentine’s Day. So in Hollywood, Thanksgiving takes a back seat. Even over Thanksgiving weekend, there aren’t Thanksgiving movies showing. They run marathons of The Godfather or one John Wayne movie after another. And yet, it’s still one of my favorite holidays. Fortunately, there have been a very small handful of films crafted around the cherished tradition of eating like an 800 pound shut-in in front of your family and drawing Crayola turkeys using your hand. Not all of them are suitable for the whole family but they’ve all got some value. I present to you The Great Big List of Thanksgiving Movies:

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