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Old Yellers: Famous Movie Yells!!!

Sometimes in film, using a calm demeanor isn’t enough. Sometimes, a character has to go up a few decibel levels to make their point. In honor of the long, rich tradition of characters yelling things in movies, here’s a list of famous movie lines, yelled: Continue reading


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A Whopper of an Oscar Favorite

I get the feeling this movie would have it their way in the categories of Best Supporting Condiment and Greasiest Film. Inspired by the news that Burger King has asked Colin Firth to design his own burger. Continue reading


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Xtranormal Videos of Best Picture Nominees

You may have seen the Geico commercials with the weird bears “or dogs or something”. They originated at xtranormal.com, which has multiple options for “actors” that you can put in your “movies”. I took a stab at it using the Oscar Best Picture nominees as my guide. Enjoy!

Winter’s Bone

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Fake Criterion Covers

I’ve done this before, here and here. Some fake Criterion covers… Continue reading


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Great Moments in the Best Picture Nominees, Using Stick Figures

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Stutter Island: 6 Great Cinematic Stuttering Problems

I saw The King’s Speech yesterday and walked away duly impressed with an awful lot of aspects of the film. One such aspect was Colin Firth’s turn as King George VI. This was my introduction to Firth, as he seems to have a knack for starring in the type of crap I normally wouldn’t watch with your eyes. But his performance here as England’s stuttering king was quite impressive. In fact, it’s one of the best cinematic stuttering problems I’ve ever seen. Here are the six best: Continue reading


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