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The Movie Weekend That Was


Part of the movie weekend was lost- in the best way possible- to Mother’s Day, when I took my mother to a baseball game. She got a floppy red St. Louis Cardinals sun hat out of the deal. But the rest of the weekend featured at least a few films, including a few strangely (and inadvertently) Mother’s Day-themed titles, a Woody Allen film, more Satyajit Ray, and a trippy little counterculture relic starring Ringo Starr. This is the movie weekend that was. Continue reading


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Poop as Justice in Movies

Last week, I touched on whether or not feces is actually funny in movies. While studying poop humor, several themes began to emerge in the way that poop is used as a cinematic device. For instance, poop occasionally introduces itself as an avenging angel in film. When villainous characters get their comeuppance, poop sneaks into the equation at times. Not only is it humorous when applied to nefarious characters. It gives us the justice and vengeance that we crave as an audience. Here are several instances in which poop is used as justice. Continue reading


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