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Menace, Indeed


This article is brought to you by my friend Jeff, who has an aversion to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and can wax poetic about Chewbacca. Today’s topic- determining whether or not Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace really was written for infants.

My 2 year old kid, Doolin, loves movies. He used to call them moomies but they are movies now. He has particular favorites that he likes to watch back-to-back-to-back ad infinitum. He eventually moves on to new favorites that we will watch roughly 100 times and wash, rinse, repeat. Yesterday, I was pretty sick of Puss in Boots and It Takes Two. I actually like Puss in Boots, but I want to strangle my wife for bringing the Olsen twins into our house. Digging for new material, I tried a couple things before deciding on a specific movie I thought he may like. What follows is a line of text updates to our mutual friend John. Continue reading


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Poop as Justice in Movies

Last week, I touched on whether or not feces is actually funny in movies. While studying poop humor, several themes began to emerge in the way that poop is used as a cinematic device. For instance, poop occasionally introduces itself as an avenging angel in film. When villainous characters get their comeuppance, poop sneaks into the equation at times. Not only is it humorous when applied to nefarious characters. It gives us the justice and vengeance that we crave as an audience. Here are several instances in which poop is used as justice. Continue reading


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