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If Other Movie Characters Could Become Hulks

Filmmakers have been holding out on us for years. They’ve been making movies for over a century now and they’ve ignored one central tenet. And that tenet is that things are more fun, more exciting, and sometimes more humorous when characters turn into giant angry green monsters. For instance, I think that all of these movie characters would have had enhanced roles if they could have become a hulk. Continue reading


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Diary of a Movie Weekend

A relatively busy social schedule lately has prevented me from having a good old-fashioned movie weekend for quite some time. Oh, sure. I’ve knocked out a nice dose of movies here and there each weekend, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to sit down for so long that mushrooms grew on my ass for 3 days while I knocked off one movie after another. This past weekend, I had my chance. Here’s what I watched: Continue reading


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