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The Soundtrack Series: Wes Anderson


I’d typically like this series to branch out from my personal favorites, but I’m in a Wes Andersony mood this week. And thus, the soundtrack spotlight turns to Wes Anderson and his flood of 70s hipster father angst. It’s become vogue in recent years to bust Wes Anderson’s balls for… well, the same things I just busted his balls for, but the reality is that the guy knows how to put together a soundtrack. This list has no shortage of soundtrack moments. Continue reading


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The Nine Best Uses of Songs in Movies

I’ve been watching too much “Prime Nine” on the MLB Network. In reality, my list of candidates for this entry amounted to something like 25 songs in various movies. Note that when I say “Best”, I really mean “my favorite”. So if you don’t see “I Like Changing Myself For the Woman I Love” from “Love is Nice” starring Julia Roberts or whatever, well… it’s because I don’t watch that shit. Feel free to add ’em in the comments section, though. Continue reading


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