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10 Musical Reminders that Ennio Morricone is a Legend


You don’t need to be told that Ennio Morricone is a living legend. His work from the 1960s all the way up to present day stands alone in the world of film score composition. You don’t need to be told all of this because it’s impossible to watch any number of beloved movies made in that timeframe without encountering his distinct style, which elevated each one of those films to new heights. Even in the last few decades, his brilliant scores are being repurposed to enhance a whole new generation of filmmaker’s scores. Here are ten songs to remind you of Morricone’s wizardry. Continue reading


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Movies That Scared the Crap Out of Me When I was a Kid

Horror is a lot like violence and pornography. The more you see of it, the less impact it has. Viewers eventually become desensitized to it to varying degrees. But in childhood, everything is fresh and new. There’s no desensitization at all. Horror movies are at their most shocking at that point in a person’s life. In my own childhood, there were several films that scared the crap out of me–figuratively, of course. These are the movies that gave me a proper appreciation for the horror genre. Here’s a list of these films. Continue reading


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Remakes That Are Giving Me the Red Ass Right Now

Baseball people have a term that they love to use- “red ass”. It’s used in reference to people who are quick to anger and are willing to scrap, or play hard, or however you want to interpret it. Typically, it revolves around perceived injustices. It can also be shortened to “the ass”. A few usage examples:

“Ty Cobb was a real red ass”

“That brawl never would have happened if their catcher didn’t have the ass”

The current Hollywood trend- remakes- isn’t inherently giving me the red ass. After all, there are occasions where remakes make perfect sense. 2010’s The Crazies is a perfect example. The 1970’s original had a great idea, but it was flawed. They updated it and it was vastly improved. Unfortunately, a lot of remakes don’t fit this dynamic. Sometimes, it makes no sense whatsoever to remake certain films. And when it happens, it gives me the red ass. Some examples: Continue reading


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