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ITC Serif Gothic: The New Sci-Fi and Horror Font

For approximately a year, I’ve been seeing a new font pop up in movie posters and promotional materials, amongst other places. It drove me crazy trying to find the name of it because it’s more of a retro typeface, clearly used primarily in the late 60s, 1970s, and early 80s. Finally, I dug a little deeper and found it. It’s ITC Serif Gothic, and it invokes all sorts of connotations of 70s horror and sci-fi. Sure enough, that’s exactly how it’s being used today- to inspire warm, fuzzy retro feelings of nostalgia about a very specific genre and era of films. It may sound like I’m busting the chops of poster designers, but I actually kind of love this. I think it’s a great font that serves its exact purpose to a tee. After drowning in years of Trajan, Gotham, and Gill Sans, it’s a breath of fresh air. Here are several examples of ITC Serif Gothic in recent use. Continue reading


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Infographic: How to Drink Like It’s the World’s End

TWE_DrinksHeader copy

I’m still in a good mood about The World’s End, the conclusion to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy. If you’re enjoying your copy of the film at home and want to drink along in the pub crawl, I have the perfect tool for you to use. Here’s a manual detailing exactly how you should drink (including a few specific brands) if you want to imbibe like any of the crawlers along the Golden Mile. Continue reading


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Quick Thoughts on The World’s End

I’ve written about it several times over the last year and a half. The TDYLF banners this week have shifted as a tip of the cap to it. I even drove 6 hours away and spent gobs of money drinking in its honor. But once I finally got to see The World’s End, did I actually like it? Continue reading


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The World’s End Begins: The Pub Crawl


You may recall a few months ago when I mentioned that, out of my excitement for the release of Edgar Wright’s The World’s End on August 23 (my birthday!), I was planning on a massive pub crawl to celebrate. You can find all of the details here. That day has arrived. As it turned out, it worked best for all of us to travel to Madison for a pub crawl on Monday instead of the day the movie came out. This way, we’ll all be sober when we actually see The World’s End. The spirit of the pub crawl lives on, mirroring the film- a group of friends reunite to relive their halcyon days of drunken debauchery. Here are all of the details of where we’ll be, and you can follow along as I’ll be live-tweeting our crawl until I lose motor control. And if you’re in Madison and following along, come join us. Continue reading


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Coming Soon: A Pub Crawl Inspired by The World’s End


Fans of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost have anxiously awaited the third film in the trio’s Cornetto Trilogy for years. Our patience will be rewarded this August in the US when The World’s End hits theaters. The third film centers around a group of friends who return to their hometown to complete a 12-bar pub crawl that they failed twenty years earlier, only to discover that something is amiss about the town. If you’d like to know more, you can find the trailer here. One of the themes of the film would appear to be attempting to relive the halcyon days of youth. Given how much I enjoy Wright, Pegg, and Frost’s work, and given that the film comes out on my birthday, it’s all given me an idea. Continue reading


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