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Great Moments in Movie History (Using Stick Figures): This is Spinal Tap

Stick Figure Friday came a day early this week. This time, the Great Moments series turns its gaze toward a comedy classic from the 1980s, This is Spinal Tap (1984). There really are countless scenes that would’ve worked here. Stonehenge, the album art for “Smell the Glove”, and the amp going up to eleven were all prime candidates. But I had to go with my favorite scene. Continue reading


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Minimalist Designs of Famous Film Hairstyles

Nike recently released a series of t-shirt designs that pay homage to classic Major League Baseball hair styles. Every great player in the last 30 years who featured a goatee, an afro, a fu manchu, a beard, or a simple mustache is featured on these shirts. Upon seeing Nike’s creations, my thoughts naturally shifted towards what a similar design style would look like with movie characters. Here are some minimalist designs of famous film faces and hairstyles:

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