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Superhero Movie Bingo

It’s officially the summer movie season, even if summer doesn’t actually start for another month. And that means that we’re all going to be inundated with big budget blockbuster films. No genre gobbles up a budget quite like superhero movies, and they’re going to be all over the place. The Avengers is already shredding the box office. Later this summer, we’ll finally see The Dark Knight Rises. Spider-Man will get a re-boot in a few weeks. And it won’t stop there. Sequels are already in production for Thor, Captain America, and a third Iron Man film in the next few years. Superman is slated to come back next summer. I’ve decided to give you all an extra layer of enjoyment with these superhero films with a superhero movie bingo card. Continue reading


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Chart: The Likelihood of Stuff Being Avenged

I went to see The Avengers over the weekend. Seeing the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor on screen all at once was a real treat, especially when they were beating the tar out of a “puny God”. I’ll have more of my thoughts about the film later this week. But for now, I thought it’d be worth your while to break it down mathematically, with a chart. Continue reading


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