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Edgar Wright is Doing a Bunch of Stuff I’m Excited About

I’ve made no bones whatsoever about being a huge fan of Edgar Wright. I’m not paid to be a critic or a professional journalist of any sort, so I’m allowed to “cheer in the press box”, so to speak. From his work with Spaced all the way up to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I have found his writing to be as razor sharp as anyone else working today, especially in the realm of comedy. The same goes for his list of recurring actors, writers, and producers- Simon Pegg, Nira Park, Joe Cornish, and Nick Frost. So you can imagine my excitement to hear all of the buzz coming out of Comic Con surrounding Wright’s upcoming projects. Continue reading


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A Movie Geek’s Letter to Santa

‘Tis the season for letters to the North Pole. Why should little kids have all the fun? Here’s what one movie fan wants. Continue reading


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