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10 Movie Communities With Dirty Secrets

Small communities–and even some large ones–can be tight-knit. Everyone helps everyone else out, and all of the neighbors are properly neigh-didly-eighborly. But sometimes, “cozy” can just as easily mean “private”. Or worse yet, it can mean “xenophobic”. Outsiders aren’t to be trusted, especially not with dirty secrets. Here are ten movie communities that kept their secrets in the dark.
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Xtranormal Videos of Best Picture Nominees

You may have seen the Geico commercials with the weird bears “or dogs or something”. They originated at xtranormal.com, which has multiple options for “actors” that you can put in your “movies”. I took a stab at it using the Oscar Best Picture nominees as my guide. Enjoy!

Winter’s Bone

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Great Moments in the Best Picture Nominees, Using Stick Figures

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