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Each October, I watch an absurd amount of horror from mid-September until at least Halloween. And each year, my viewing selections take on a certain flavor. One year, I watched a lot of B-movie horrors. Another year, it was arthouse horror. This year, my 45ish days of horror have been peppered with anthologies. Even when I wasn’t trying to watch horror anthologies, I still managed to watch horror anthologies. I have yet to see a few major entries into the anthology horror genre, but I do feel qualified to create a perfect horror anthology. And I’m going to do it by sewing together some of my favorite vignettes from various anthologies. Call it Frankanthologystein. Continue reading


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Season’s Greetings: A Halloween Short to Put You in the Mood

A few years ago, my friend Marty tipped me off to a horror film that was under the radar, but getting great reviews. I added it to the top of my Netflix queue, and it arrived in early October. The movie was Trick ‘r Treat (2008) and I enjoyed the hell out of it. It hit all of the important high notes for the Halloween season. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I started digging around the extras on the disc and unearthed Michael Dougherty’s short film that inspired Trick ‘r Treat. It’s aptly titled Season’s Greetings. True to the film, the short put a huge grin on my face because it perfectly hearkens back to childhood days spent trick-or-treating, complete with all of the holiday’s archetypes. Even though Halloween is still several weeks away, it’s time to start gearing up for it. To help you set the appropriate mood, here is Dougherty’s short film, Season’s Greetings. Continue reading


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Eight Horror Films for October Viewing

I love October. Major League Baseball starts their playoffs, NCAA football is in full swing, the nights are crisp, Octoberfest beers populate the landscape, and 90+ degree days are as far away as they’ll ever be. And, most importantly, it’s the month for Halloween and, by proxy, a whole mess of horror films. Here are eight that I try to watch every year in October. Continue reading

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