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Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews: Volume 3

Since the “Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews” concept seems to be a popular one, I’ve decided to turn it into a semi-regular feature. As I said in the intro to the initial article, it’s fun for you and it’s easy for me because there’s no shortage of internet people willing to say wacky things. Here’s volume three of people writing really bad, or funny, Netflix viewer reviews. These are presented completely unedited. Continue reading


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Five Scenes that Made me a Clint Eastwood Fan for Life

There comes a time in every man’s life when he watches his first Clint Eastwood film. For some lucky dudes, it happens when they’re very young. Still others don’t get the chance until they’re approaching adulthood, or even actually adults. Regardless of age, most men have the same reaction. The testosterone boils inside, and then they spend the next week squinting at everything and muttering their words in a breathy tone that borders on threatening. “Now, ma, I’m only going to say it once–pass the milk”. For me, there have been five Eastwood scenes that have cemented my fandom for the rest of my life. Continue reading


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100 Things I Love About the Movies

I passed a milestone recently here at TDYLF. Thanks to the help of the editors over at IMDB, I passed the 100,000 Hits milestone on Sunday (with a whopping 80,000+ of those hits coming just since September 30th). To celebrate, I’m beginning a brand new series called “100 Things I Love About the Movies”. To be sure, there a LOT more than 100 things that I love about the movies. As such, this has the potential to become a series- 100 Things I Love About Horror Movies, 100 Things I Love About Foreign Movies, and on and on. I present to you the first edition of “100 Things I Love About the Movies”.

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12 Great Moments in Movie History, Using Stick Figures

Here are 12 Great Moments in Movie History, using stick figures. In short, I’ve used Adobe Illustrator in the exact wrong way it’s intended to be used. I’ve used it to try to replicate the childlike stupidity and simplicity of MS Paint drawings. You can click on any of these to get a version with higher resolution. Enjoy!

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Great Moments in Movie History: Unforgiven

Be sure to click on it to get the high-resolution yumminess.

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