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My Criterion Top 10: Alex Withrow


The Criterion Top 10 Series rolls on. As I mentioned yesterday, over the next few weeks, I’ll be running contributions from some of my favorite film critics, writers, and theorists from around the internet. Each writer will list their top 10 from the Criterion Collection, mirroring Criterion’s own Top 10 series. Today’s article is a real treat, coming from filmmaker Alex Withrow. While most of us enjoy watching and discussing film, Alex is down in the trenches actually making them, having moved to Los Angeles last year to continue his dream. He has written and directed two shorts- Full Circle (2008) and Earrings (2012)– and is currently in post-production on his third film, Wait. Moreover, Alex has a tremendous site, And So It Begins, which regularly features incredible in-depth articles about directors, actors, essays, and film reviews.You can (and should) find his films here, and follow him on Twitter @shiftingPersona.
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