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Breaking Bad Spinoffs I’d Like to See

One of the secrets to creating a good TV show- among many secrets- is to create a deep cast of interesting characters, all with unique personalities and motivations. This is especially true after the protagonists have been established. Breaking Bad is a show that excels in this arena. Almost immediately after Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were in place, we started to meet the galaxy of characters that would generate the tension that makes the show work so well. On the brink of season four (starting July 17th), I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about these characters and how they might work if they had their own shows. Here are some spinoffs I’d like to see:

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17 TV Characters Who Probably Have Venereal Diseases

We’ve all seen these characters- the clichéd character whose monstrous sexual desires can’t be quenched. But where are the consequences? Let’s face reality. Many of our favorite TV characters probably had sexually transmitted diseases. Here are seventeen TV characters who most likely have felt the burn and/or had to use a very special shampoo:

1. Larry Dalliapoulos, Three’s Company
He was the scourge of the Regal Beagle. And his clearly defined womanizing role was key to the show’s plot. How many times did he rope Jack into the highjinx, only  to have Jack find himself in the odd position of denying his heterosexuality to Mr. and Mrs. Roper, or Mr. Furley? Continue reading


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