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Movie Director Baseball Jerseys


There aren’t many opportunities to combine two of the greatest things on earth- baseball and movies. However, to quote Terrence Mann in Field of Dreams, “There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens itself up for a few seconds to show you what’s possible.” The possibility today is that I’ve found a way to create baseball jerseys for 15 movie directors. Baseball fans will appreciate that almost all of these have a direct MLB jersey equivalent. There are even a few nods to baseball fans north of the border. Movie fans will enjoy the symbols and themes associated with each individual director. Continue reading


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The Soundtrack Series: Wes Anderson


I’d typically like this series to branch out from my personal favorites, but I’m in a Wes Andersony mood this week. And thus, the soundtrack spotlight turns to Wes Anderson and his flood of 70s hipster father angst. It’s become vogue in recent years to bust Wes Anderson’s balls for… well, the same things I just busted his balls for, but the reality is that the guy knows how to put together a soundtrack. This list has no shortage of soundtrack moments. Continue reading


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If Other Directors Had Made Lincoln


I finally made my way to the theater to see Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s latest Oscar-quality drama. There were a lot of shining moments in a very solid film. Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role, a humongous and impressive cast, and a stirring finale all come to mind. But for most of the film’s running time, I couldn’t shake the thought- what would other directors have done with a historical drama about Abraham Lincoln? Continue reading


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Photoshop Tutorial: Achieving the Wes Anderson Effect in Film Stills

A few weeks back, I grumbled about having a hard time getting to the theater to see Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s latest film. I finally found time a few days ago. Not surprisingly, I loved it. Also not surprisingly, all of the usual Wes Anderson tropes are present. There’s one particular trope I’d like to talk about today, and I’m also going to give a quick lesson on how to achieve the look using Adobe Photoshop. Then I’ll give some examples. Continue reading


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Wes and Me: A 30-Something Fan’s Relationship With a Filmmaker

Films, filmmakers, and actors/actresses define eras of your life. It’s bound to happen when you’re a hardcore movie-watcher. Name any on-screen (or even off-screen) personality, and I can tell you when I became aware of their work. One day in the fall of 1998 when I was 22 years old, my friend and I made a trek to Eastgate Cinema in Madison, Wisconsin. Our goal was to see a smaller, indie film that just happened to star Bill Murray. The name of the film was Rushmore. Little did I know that I’d be following that filmmaker, watching him grow and stagnate, achieve and fail, through my early adulthood. Continue reading


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Font U: A Guide to Recognizing Popular Fonts in Films

By night, I’m John- the crime-fighting proprietor of a movie and TV site. But by day, I’m the mild-mannered John, a graphic designer and editor. Since I get paid to pay attention to words and the way they’re presented, I get a kick out of combining my day job and my hobby. I like seeing which fonts are being used in films and film posters. There are several that are very popular and I’d like to clue you in on which ones are which. Let’s start with a rather obvious one: Continue reading


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Infographic: What Are We Seeing in Wes Anderson Movies?

It’s sort of become fashionable lately to needle Wes Anderson. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s not so much that I disagree with a lot of the criticism. It’s that I enjoy the movies regardless. To help bridge the gap between the Wes Anderson fans and haters, I present to you this infographic detailing precisely what’s on the screen during his movies: Continue reading


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Letters to Directors from Children

Continue reading


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Anthropomorphizing Things in My Home as Movie Directors

Help us out here, Wikipedia:

Anthropomorphism is a term coined in the mid 1700s[1][2] to refer to any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed or believed by some to belong only to humans) to animals or non-living things, phenomena, material states and objects or abstract concepts. Examples include animals and plants and forces of nature such as winds, rain or the sun depicted as creatures with human motivations, and/or the abilities to reason and converse.

In other words, which stuff in my home has the same characteristics as some of my favorite movie directors? Continue reading


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100 Things I Love About the Movies

I passed a milestone recently here at TDYLF. Thanks to the help of the editors over at IMDB, I passed the 100,000 Hits milestone on Sunday (with a whopping 80,000+ of those hits coming just since September 30th). To celebrate, I’m beginning a brand new series called “100 Things I Love About the Movies”. To be sure, there a LOT more than 100 things that I love about the movies. As such, this has the potential to become a series- 100 Things I Love About Horror Movies, 100 Things I Love About Foreign Movies, and on and on. I present to you the first edition of “100 Things I Love About the Movies”.

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