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My Criterion Top 10: Martin Bruckner


I’m running contributions from some of my favorite film critics, writers, and theorists from around the internet for the next few weeks. Each writer is listing their top 10 from the Criterion Collection. The fifth contribution in The Criterion Top 10 Series is from my great friend, Martin Bruckner. This list is extra special because Marty was such a huge inspiration in sending me down the Criterion rabbit hole. For several years, it was almost a competition between the two of us to see who could get to certain Criterion films first. And Marty is also the one who really pushed me into creating this site. In addition to all of that, Marty is the best artist that I know. His current creative passion is Creatureland Studio, a venture in which he takes children’s drawings and turns them into tremendous hand-crafted interpretations for the child to put on their wall. You can find him on Twitter @CreatureLStudio.    Continue reading

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The Women of the Criterion Collection: A (Fake) Calender

The other day, I found myself wishing that movies turned people on the way they turn me on, metaphorically speaking. This led to some pondering about what exactly does turn movie geeks on? How about seedy calendars?!?! And with that, I present to you my proposal to the Criterion Collection- a calendar featuring the sexiest ladies that the Criterion Collection has to offer. And yes, Deneuve is the August pic. Because my birthday is in August. Happy birthday to me!

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