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If You Read Only One Article This Year, Make it This One: Fake Critic Movie Blurbs

One of my favorite critic clichés that appears on movie posters and DVD boxes is “If you see only one movie this year about ________, make it __________”. It’s not really used all that much but it’s been used enough that it’s entered cliché familiarity. And I’m fond of making up fake ones for extremely obscure films or acts in films. Some examples: Continue reading


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Great Movie Performances by People in Animal Costumes

Occasionally, a film is changed completely by the presence of something really astounding. Sometimes, it can be a tour de force acting performance (see, Daniel Day Lewis in There Will be Blood). Sometimes it’s a deft directorial touch (see P.T. Anderson’s work in There Will be Blood). Other times, it’s the cinematography (see the work of Robert Elswit in There Will be Blood). And still other times, it’s someone wearing an animal costume. Here are ten great performances by people dressed in animal costumes in movies. Continue reading


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