The Wit and Wisdom of Leon Black

Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally back. We can all breathe easier now. The long national nightmare is over. And because it’s back, we get more black. That is to say, we get more Leon Black, who is now rivaling Larry David for the best quotes on the show. After all, when Larry divorced Cheryl, there needed to be a character who could fill the breach. J.B. Smoove (a.k.a. Leon Black) was the perfect person for the job. Some of the best of Leon:


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7 responses to “The Wit and Wisdom of Leon Black

  1. dallen

    I’m the biggest Leon Black fan I know, but fair warning, JB Smoove’s stand up? Let’s just say you can tell he doesn’t have Larry David approving his act and it shows.

    • I really didn’t know anything about JB Smoove until he played Leon Black. And only recently have I found myself wondering where he came from. Although now I have a perverse curiosity to check out his stand-up just to see how bad it really is.

  2. Haha. Perfect. Leon is a great character, although I think I measure his comedy on a different level to Larry. They’re both so different and unique, it’s like as a duo they’re appealing to all people. Larry appeals to the neurotic white Jewish guys, and Leon appears to the modernized, Uncensored form of black ‘gangsta’ that has become so common. It’s perfect, really.

  3. Kelly

    Wow, that’s some funny shit. I don’t watch Curb, but I have seen J.B. in very minor roles on SNL… usually as an audience member during the opening monologues. He’s been really funny on there. I just may have to start watching this show now.

    • I couldn’t recommend it enough. The best part of the show is you can watch 30 minutes and if you don’t like it, you can move on (i.e. it’s not like The Sopranos or The Wire, where you’re investing an hour per episode). And the episodes are pretty unrelated, for the most part.

      IIRC, the first episode is about Larry’s pants creating a false boner, and the consequences of said pants boner.

  4. Wheelsdude

    My favorite character on the show. I only started watching last year, but I watched earlier seasons to catch up, but I didn’t like that there was no Leon Black. He’s such a great addition to the show IMO. I’m glad they’ve kept him in.

  5. I have never really got in to Curb. Although the ones I have seen I have laughed a lot.

    I am so going to use…

    You cannot pause Toast, it looses its essence.

    I love that really poignant


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