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The 9 Worst Mob Movie Marriages

If you’ve seen any mob movie made in the last five decades, then you realize that mafia marriages are riddled with crime, adultery, drug use, and eventually divorce. It would seem that a life of crime makes a person a horrible husband, and those horrible husbands tend to attract horrible wives. It’s all kinds of fun when it’s put on the screen. Here are my picks for the nine worst mob movie marriages. Continue reading


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Boardwalk Empire, Episode 4: Anastasia

Sunday night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire was perfectly named- “Anastasia”. We’ve only gotten bits and pieces of development of Margaret Schroeder. This, despite the fact that she’s obviously going to play such a crucial role in the series, serving as the primary female protagonist. Her story in that episode was brilliantly written, starting with her reading about Anna Anderson. She describes it to her children as being “like a fairy tale princess”. No doubt, this is how Margaret views herself Continue reading

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Seven Smartass Questions I’d Like to Ask to Fictional Mafia Ghosts

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