Movies Made Better by Adding Pizza

Sure, you might think that some movies couldn’t possibly be any better. But you obviously don’t understand one simple rule- adding pizza to anything makes that thing better. Allow me to demonstrate:

Independence Day


12 Angry Men



Raiders of the Lost Ark

Lord of the Rings

King Kong

Silence of the Lambs


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13 responses to “Movies Made Better by Adding Pizza

  1. fuzzywuzzy

    The Jaws one cracks me up

  2. Jonah

    this is genius

  3. Stu

    All movies are made better by adding pizza…

  4. nimorphi

    The Salo one is kind of ironic. i think I am going to start crying every time i have to poop or near a Frenchman for awhile again….

  5. Kelly

    I think the photos for Salo and LOTR are hilarious. I don’t know what is going on there in that Salo pic, but the addition of that slice works so well.

    • I asked my friend Marty to describe what’s going on in that Salo photo:

      “they have finished the “circle of shit” and the “circle of sex” and now they’re just going to go ahead and torture and murder the kids that they just abused.. which is the “circle of blood”

      right there they are cutting out his tongue”

      But you can think of it as “they have finished the circle of presents and the circle of party favors, and now they’re going to go ahead and have a pizza party. Right there, they are feeding him pizza.”

  6. rtm

    LMAO!! Love the ID4, ET and Jaws ones the best, but the rest are great as well. We definitely need more pizza in the movies, John!

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