Xtranormal Videos of Best Picture Nominees

You may have seen the Geico commercials with the weird bears “or dogs or something”. They originated at xtranormal.com, which has multiple options for “actors” that you can put in your “movies”. I took a stab at it using the Oscar Best Picture nominees as my guide. Enjoy!

Winter’s Bone

Toy Story 3

127 Hours

The Kids are All Right

True Grit

The Social Network

Black Swan

The Fighter


The King’s Speech


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11 responses to “Xtranormal Videos of Best Picture Nominees

  1. magnoliaforever

    These are hilarious. I’m going to go check out that Xtranormal site. Well done again, John.

    • There’s a lot of room to have fun on that site. They have a luchiadore section (spelling?), which was tempting to use for The Fighter, but it just didn’t feel right.

      • The guy who met Kevin Meany

        Luchadores would have been great especially discussing Aronofsky’s sympathetic portrayal of a broken down American professional wrestler. Randy the Ram kept tanning, bleaching his hair and taking steroids. In Mexico, no one knows their true identity. Luchadores never take their masks off in public. Aronofsky could do The Wrestler 2: South of the Border. It would address luchadores only knowing fame and recognition with a mask on. Once the mask comes off; they are anonymous and insignificant. Then they could go to Tijuana and watch Jennifer Connelly get freaky with the doubleheaded….you get the point.

  2. Kelly

    Ha ha, these are awesome! I love the one with Einstein and Ghandi. I wish they had boogied down at the end like the original Geico ad. (I’m not your grandpa!!)

  3. Aronofsky. Was. At. The. Top. Of. His. Game.

    • That was a real challenge. I had to type his name as “Aron. Off. Ski”. to make it work. The same goes for Gandhi- “gone dee”.

      Also, the Black Swan bear infatuated with the lesbian scene actually says “mmmmm, lesbians”, but it morphed into “mlesbians”.

      Anyway, you should check out xtranormal. It’s a blast to monkey around with it.

  4. rtm

    I gotta check these later tonight, looks hilarious even just from the stills! I thought for a second there you’ve been busy creating these vids 😀

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