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Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews: Volume 3

Since the “Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews” concept seems to be a popular one, I’ve decided to turn it into a semi-regular feature. As I said in the intro to the initial article, it’s fun for you and it’s easy for me because there’s no shortage of internet people willing to say wacky things. Here’s volume three of people writing really bad, or funny, Netflix viewer reviews. These are presented completely unedited. Continue reading


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The 10 Best Movie Corpse High Jinx

A few weeks ago, I read a story about two Denver men who pulled off a real life Weekend at Bernie’s. They visited their friend, found him dead, stuffed him in their car, and drove him around town for a night of chicanery. Making matters worse, they used the dead man’s credit cards to pay for the evening. Headline writers everywhere glommed on to Weekend at Bernie’s, and I can’t blame them. But they had many other options for films featuring corpse high jinx.  Continue reading


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Re-Watchterpiece Theater: Psycho (1960)

Re-Watchterpiece Theater is a series that explores the organic way that attitudes about films change after you watch them a second time, a third time, or more, further down the line than the original viewing. I recently discovered a really incredible theater in my area that specializes in showing the classics. This month, they’ve dedicated a weekend to a few Alfred Hitchcock films. Included was a midnight showing of his thriller/horror classic, Psycho (1960), a film which I’ve seen several times, but never on the big screen. It feels odd to say so, but spoilers follow if you’ve never seen the movie.  Continue reading


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Movies That Scared the Crap Out of Me When I was a Kid

Horror is a lot like violence and pornography. The more you see of it, the less impact it has. Viewers eventually become desensitized to it to varying degrees. But in childhood, everything is fresh and new. There’s no desensitization at all. Horror movies are at their most shocking at that point in a person’s life. In my own childhood, there were several films that scared the crap out of me–figuratively, of course. These are the movies that gave me a proper appreciation for the horror genre. Here’s a list of these films. Continue reading


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Ten Movie Moms That Would Be Acceptable Substitutes for My Own

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. It’s time to honor our mothers with gifts that make up for the army of crappy ceramic ashtrays and pen holders that we all gave them when we were in elementary school and art teachers made us make things for them. Hypothetically, of course. And since my mom has killed me with love and kindness throughout the years, I’ve decided to honor her this year with this list of movie moms that would be acceptable substitutes for my own mom. None would be better, of course. But these ten would’ve done the trick. Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Bambi’s Mom, Bambi (1942)
She took a bullet for her kid. Your move, everyone else but Bruce Wayne’s mom. Continue reading


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100 More Things I Love About the Movies

When I passed the 100,000 hit marker in November, I honored the event with what became one of my most popular entries- 100 Things I Love About the Movies. As it turns out, my odometer recently rolled over another milestone- the 200,000 hit marker. As logic follows, I’m due for another stroll down 100 Things Avenue. So without further ado, here are 100 More Things I Love About the Movies: Continue reading


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100 Things I Love About the Movies

I passed a milestone recently here at TDYLF. Thanks to the help of the editors over at IMDB, I passed the 100,000 Hits milestone on Sunday (with a whopping 80,000+ of those hits coming just since September 30th). To celebrate, I’m beginning a brand new series called “100 Things I Love About the Movies”. To be sure, there a LOT more than 100 things that I love about the movies. As such, this has the potential to become a series- 100 Things I Love About Horror Movies, 100 Things I Love About Foreign Movies, and on and on. I present to you the first edition of “100 Things I Love About the Movies”.

Continue reading


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